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• What weather conditions can you fly in?

We cannot fly in rain and strong winds.

• How long you can you fly for?

Our UAV are powered by replaceable batteries.
In General each battery can last for 18-22 minutes depending on weather conditions and payload.
On each job we bring spare batteries so total flight time can be much longer depending on project requirements.

• Are you licensed and qualified?

Yes, Capital Drones is a licensed supplier of aerial filming and
photographic services with permission for aerial work granted by CAA.

All our pilots have Unmanned Aircraft Pilot Qualification.

• Are you insured?

Ys, we are fully insured with £5 million public liability for all operations in UK and EU.

• Can you fly at night?

Unfortunately no. Standard CAA permission allows pilots to fly from 30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset.

• Are there any restrictions where and how high can you fly?

Operating under standard CAA permission we are allowed to fly up to 400ft (120m) vertically and 500m horizontally from the pilot.
Flying over these limits is possible, however additional permission may be required.

• How much does it cost?

The cost depends on the project and customers requirements.
For detailed quote we recommend contacting us via contact form on the website.

• What area do you cover?

We are based in West London, however we cover whole UK territory as our CAA permission allows us to do .
Travel and accommodation expenses are always negotiable.